Since 2009 ENERCOM has been creating and implementing the most optimal configurations of lighting systems in terms of cost, efficiency, service life and the scope of application. We work with world-class partners and suppliers who provide the highest quality products. The Lipetsk Region Export Support Center provides an assistance in the development of international contacts and expansion of the territorial presence of our company. With the support of the Center, ENERCOM participates in international fairs, exhibitions, salons, business missions and business forums aimed at developing export activity. For example, representatives of ENERCOM participate regularly in the Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona, business visits to Italy, as well as Russian-Italian forums. As a result, today we successfully export our products to Italy, and the innovative developments of ENERCOM are attracting a lot of interest from Italian businesses and municipalities. With the support of Export Center, ENERCOM luminaires have successfully passed tests for compliance with the requirements of the European Union directives. In 2019, ENERCOM gained the title of the "Exporter of the Year" in the regional export competition.

Yury Ershov, CEO of STROYNET Ltd:

“Our company has developed and started it 2014 a production of the latest generation of climatic equipment under the TEPLOPANEL trademark. Our ceiling radiators are unique for Russia and the CIS countries, allowing comfortable heating and cooling of premises with savings of up to 52%. Our radiators successfully heat indoor tennis courts and shops in Belarus, table tennis halls in Kazakhstan, a water park in Ukraine and a sports complex in Armenia. Many industrial companies, including BELARUSKALIY and a new machine-building plant in Kyrgyzstan (KYRGYZ UNAA KURULUSH), have already appreciated the savings in heating costs for production and storage facilities, as well as the reduction of harmful emissions. These results are obtained with the assistance of Lipetsk Export Support Center. For example, the Center helped us to translate our website and advertising materials into foreign languages, and to participate at various international exhibitions. The Center also helped us to certify the TEPLOPANEL system in Europe, to test our radiators in a European laboratory, and to register the TEPLOPANEL trademark in several countries”.

Oleg Dobrohotov, CEO of AVIKS GROUP Ltd.

“In 2020, our company continued successful cooperation with Lipetsk Export Support Center. After a business mission to the Republic of Belarus, we signed three export contracts. The Center also helped us to publish our first catalog. After the recent pandemic restrictions, the Center has introduced new forms of on-line communication. With the help of video communication, we took part in negotiations with enterprises from Uzbekistan. Also during the year of 2020 we received from the Center a lot of useful information support in legal, economic, and organizational domains. As a result, we were able to double the volume of our export sales and to find new partners abroad.


Our company produces a range of welded fittings from ductile cast iron with spheroidal graphite. Since the year 2019, VALOK-CHUGUN has been actively cooperating with Lipetsk Export Support Center, which provides us with consulting services and helps us to participate in business missions and international exhibitions. For example, in September 2020 our company participated in the international exhibition "Ekvatek-2020" at the collective stand of the Lipetsk region, organized by Lipetsk Export Support Center. Thanks to this assistance we increased our exports to the Republic of Belarus and to other CIS countries.

Roman Starkov, CEO of AMBILIFE Ltd.

Our company was founded in 2010 and since then it has been developing and producing the air purifiers of latest generation. We use the unique nanotechnology of photocatalytic oxidation of organic and inorganic air compounds, developed by the Institute of Catalysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2019 we received a financial support for international certification from Lipetsk Export Support Center. Laboratory tests were carried out by Slovakian laboratory and now our devices have European certification, which allowed us to supply them to the EU countries. Today we export to Germany, Serbia, Lithuania and other countries.